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John’s Astarte Records (label of acclaimed singer-songwriter Joy Eden Harrison) debut CD, “Contemplation” is a moving set of original instrumental compositions combining the ambiance and melodic sensibilities of new age and pop music with the harmonic richness and improvisation of jazz. The album features John on solo piano and four piano/bass duets with STEVE RODBY, acclaimed bassist with the PAT METHENY GROUP.

The San Diego Reader wrote of Contemplation — “A sort of piano feng shui in which glassy, amorphous tone poems probe shadowy themes with astute harmony, counterpoint and balance” and Jim Aiken of Keyboard Magazine said, –”Comparisons to Keith Jarrett’s more mellow moments would not be out of place. This one is going straight into my short stack of late-night relaxation CDs.”

Steve Rodby: “I work on a lot of recordings that take weeks, even months to finish. So it gives me a special pleasure to hear what John and I played that night in the studio — and I listen to it often — knowing that it was just that moment in time, a moment of both getting to know each other, but also having many of the same winds at our backs, pushing us forward in the same direction. John is an artist, and it was a privilege to make this music with him.”