Side One

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SIDE ONE is a set of solo piano interpretations of classics from some of John’s favorite songwriters including Paul McCartney, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, and Neil Finn. Also included is an Erickson original, “Edgewater”.

“Side One is of course referring to the vinyl record and the experience of hearing an album in two parts,” says Erickson. “That’s something I miss in CDs and in today’s download and streaming listening habits. And the artists I’m covering here are some that I remember discovering back in the age of the record and cassette. Jackson Browne’s “Running On Empty” album in particular is one I remember listening to over and over at around age 10 or 11, a time in my life when I was first realizing how important music was becoming to me,  and I was starting to identify myself as a musician.”

Says Jeff Dalrymple of KSDS-FM, Jazz 88.3:
The latest offering from pianist/composer John Erickson has some lovely surprises…..all in a good way.  Erickson’s solo piano outing features some unexpected entries – not the usual old standards. Jackson Browne’s “Running On Empty” gets a slow bluesy feel while still keeping the energy of the original rock version. Lennon and McCartney’s “When I’m 64” starts with a traditional left-hand stride piano style but ends up as a rollicking bar-room brawl! The melody of “Dreams” from Fleetwood Mac is actually a lilting tune and in Erickson’s able hands it plays out as an introspective ballad. “Edgewater”, an Erickson original has a somewhat melancholic chord pattern which works beautifully as a foundation for some quick melodic movement in the right hand – almost in a classical way. So add all the influences, season to taste and you have a full musical meal!